About Stimulus Software

We are a team of engineers dedicated to helping organisations meet their e-Discovery challenges. Our flagship product, MailArchiva, is a professional enterprise grade email archiving solution. Since 2005, MailArchiva has been deployed in some of the most demanding IT environments on the planet.

Stimulus Software is a privately held company. We are the world-wide distributors of MailArchiva, a high quality email archiving, discovery and compliance software product for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our goal is to deliver an innovative, cost-effective and reliable email archiving solution that satisfies the needs of our customers. Our flagship product, MailArchiva, is used by over 5000 companies world-wide, and growing... MailArchiva is sold both directly and through our world-wide reseller channel.

MailArchiva originally arose out of an consulting project in 2004. The developer of MailArchiva, Jamie Band, decided to open source the software in 2005. After receiving huge interest from companies, it was decided to introduce the Enterprise Version of MailArchiva in 2006.

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