MailArchiva Cloud FAQ

Who is this service intended for?

Companies, government entities, school districts and organizations requiring archiving and e-Discovery of email data. Often MailArchiva is used to satisfy records requests for regulatory / compliance purposes.

Which mail servers are supported?

While most popular mail servers are supported right out of the box, special integrations with Office 365, Exchange and Google Apps are available.

Are there any usages that are not supported?

This service is not intended for the purposes of archiving vast amounts of automated mails (e.g. generated by mass mailers, spam and antivirus software). We reserve the right to refuse service if your mail traffic turns out to be predominently auto generated.

Where is the archive data stored?

Currently on Google's Cloud Infrastructure.

What measures are taken to protect the security of data?

We take the security of our customer's data very seriously.

  • All archive data is encrypted using AES-128 encryption
  • All passwords are hash protected and the console is secured using HTTP/S security
  • Underlying operating systems are patched regularly
  • We employ the use of firewall and intrusion detection software
  • Our servers are scanned by MacAfee's vulnerability services regularly for vulnerabilities
  • Data is backed up geo-redundantly on regular basis

What measures are taken to ensure service availability?

Our SLA guarantees an Uptime of 99.95% for archiving and search functionality. Our servers are monitored 24/7 by system administrators and automated monitoring services.

Do you support the import of historical data from mail servers and third party archiving systems?

Import of data from Microsoft Exchange (direct), MBOX, EML, PST, MSG and OST formats are supported. To cover ongoing storage fees, we charge an additional 16c per GB of data imported per month.

Can I get access to my original data if I decide to cancel the service?

Yes, we support bulk export of all archived data to .EML (RFC822) format. To cover bandwidth costs, bulk archive export is subject to a modest export fee.

How long do you keep archive data?

Our current policy is to keep data for ten years (extendable thereafter).

How do you connect with our corporate mail server over the Internet?

It really depends on the specific mail server in question. In most cases, your mail service is configured to forward traffic to the MailArchiva Cloud via the SMTP protocol. For advanced operations such as folder synchronization, MailArchiva connects directly to the Office 365 and Exchange web services API's over the Internet.

It is possible to authenticate users residing in Azure/Active Directory/LDAP over the Internet?

Yes. MailArchiva's authentication engine is capable of authenticating users over the Internet using Open ID, SAML, NTLM v2 and LDAP protocols over the Internet.

Is there a fixed term contract or when can I cancel the service?

There is no fixed term contract. The service may be cancelled within 30 days of notification in writing.

How does the MailArchiva Cloud compare with the e-Discovery features of Office 365 E3 Plan?

Microsoft typically charges an additional $12 per mailbox for the E3 plan. Compare this with the MailArchiva Cloud, which offers a far superior e-Discovery experience, for only $2.50 per mailbox at the 200 mailbox level.

By choosing MailArchiva, you can save potentially thousands of dollars per year! Furthermore, Microsoft's e-Discovery capabilities are rudimentary and batch in nature. In contrast, MailArchiva offers real-time search and export.

Which Office 365 Plans Are Supported?

The MailArchiva Cloud currently supports all Office 365 plans.

What certifications does the service comply with?

All data is currently hosted on Google Compute infrastructure. Google conducts annual compliance audits for the following standards:

  • SSAE16 / ISAE 3402 Type II
  • SOC 2
  • SOC 3
  • ISO 27001 (one of the most widely recognized, internationally accepted independent security standards)

How does the billing model work?

The first month of your subscription is free. Thereafter, one pays in advance of the following month using the mailbox count of the previous month. At the end of the trial month, the licensing server will send an invoice to your registered email account. To pay by credit credit card, simply click on the link on the invoice and enter credit card details online. There is also the option to auto pay when paying the invoice, so that future invoices will be automatically paid each month.