Use this short guide to help you choose the right MailArchiva solution to meet your needs.

MailArchiva comes in two Editions, the Open Source Edition and the Enterprise Edition. The Open Source Edition is suited for organisations with zero budget who require very basic email archiving and search capabilites. It is not generally suited for those that need to respond to formalized e-discovery requests. The EE product has the ability to parse and display journal envelopes in the correct manner.

Organisations with heavy mail flow should consider the use of the Enterprise Edition as it offers significantly improved archiving and search performance. It also offers easier ways to import historical mails into the system, as it uses proprietary third party libraries for this purpose.

Generally, if you choose to use the Open Source Edition, you be prepared to rely on the community forums for support. If timely support is needed, it is adviseable to rather go with the Enterprise Edition product.

Open Source Edition Enterprise Edition
MailArchiva v1 architecture & design MailArchiva v2 architecture & design
basic html/javascript interface Modern AJAX style interface
updated infrequently updated on a regular basis
support from forums & community full commercial support
average search & archiving performance excellent search & archiving performance
import via command line one click GUI email import & export
no envelope journalling support full envelope journalling support
keeps all emails over time define retention policies
basic search queries basic & expert queries
basic audit log comprehensive audit trail & search
fairly reliable operation rock solid reliability
export, print, delete messages one at a time export, print, send, delete messages en bulk
no server monitoring comprehensive server monitoring & alerts
built in user security roles administrator defined user security roles
AD authentication using Kerberos Windows SSO authentication using NTLM v2
connects to single Exchange server connects to multiple Exchange servers
message de-duplication message & attachment de-duplication
web console web console & Outlook plugin

For a more detailed feature comparison between these two editions, please refer to the MailArchiva Server Features List.